Jumbled tenses.

I have a big problem with tenses in my writing. It’s really a major problem, especially in mid sentence and I put this down to the the fact that I tend to speak the story in my mind as I type. The ideas come and I struggle to type all the words that come to mind onto the digital canvas before me. I get the past, present and future tenses all jumbled up to the point, I myself would get confused.

I am amazed at writers who seem to know their place in time when they write their stories. Their power of presence must be super-fly in order to keep themselves perfectly poised in their position in time. Not that I am complaining but, I wish I was better at keeping my tenses. It has always been a gamble for me, deciding what tense to write in. What if I wrote in the present the whole way through? It’s different and strange to read a book as the event happen, like a movie unfolding before your eyes. AS if you’re taking the walk along with the writer. And where the writer himself is unsure of where he is heading or how what the outcome of the story will be like.

So I jumble up my tenses and come to think about it; I can always pass it on as my own personal style. My prose as I write. So the moment people read my jumbled tenses, they know that it was my handiwork.

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