I’m on MPH!

I’m blowing my own trumpet but what the heck. I’m listed on MPH online under Malaysian Authors. I don’t know what it is but it just feels great to know that you’re listed on something. Like the time I found myself listed on the school debate team (ok, I volunteered for that one and there were no other smart idiots brave enough to join), or that I made the school tennis team, football team, track team or when you find your name on the teacher’s “I want to SEE you list”. Having your name on a list always, I repeat, ALWAYS feels good.

To some degree, it is good that we aim to make some form of list; just as long as that list is not something associated with the bad-side of the law. Knowing that you have measured up to a certain standard that put you in the company of people that have attained such levels, kinda gives you a rush akin to a sugar-rush. It gets you all excited and giddy. It also helps you look forward to the next challenge, to push yourself up that list or to achieve something greater then where you are.

I now have another list that I want to be on – best seller. For that I need to work hard. I need to keep on writing and eventually, one of those gems that I’m working on will hit a chord with readers, taking on a life of itself and by it’s own efforts, that book will make itself onto a list.

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One Response to I’m on MPH!

  1. Sam says:

    Congrats! Some recognition is always good, considering the amount of hardwork you’ve put into the book! Once again, congrats and more books to come I hope!

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